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More offices: Nice, France | Wesel, Germany | Milan, Italy | Dongguan, China

Establishing your production in China never was that easy!

Why is it so complicated to establish a production in China?

However establishing a foot print of your business in the PRC is also fraught with difficulties, cultural, beaurocratic and logistical. We are here to help navigate companies through this and have them achieve lasting and successful business relationships in the PRC. We have been conducting business in the PRC for over 25 years and our network of branch offices, professionals with hand on experience is tailored to the requirements of SME’s that require practical solutions.

  • There are huge language and cultural barriers making it difficult to communicate effectively with your counter parts.
  • There is a substantial investment in time and travel back and forth between the PRC required to upstart a reliable and continual production.
  • There is a huge trust gap between small sized European firms and their Chinese counterparts in advancing funds for production without sufficient guarantees of timely delivery and quality product.
  • There are a myriad of regulations which can change daily and beaurocracy can be difficult for western companies to deal with.

CN Production Logo

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Why is a production in China that interesting?

Being able to establish a reliable production in the PRC is increasingly important because in todays globalized market, the cost advantages can be substantial and increasingly the largest world market is located in Asia. The ability to have a single or dual manufacturing hub for SME’s in China is key for the flexibility and to service worldwide markets. Our team combines world class experience with practical knowledge of the culture and business customs.

  • There is generally a substantial cost advantage in China of having products made anywhere between 30 to 45%.
  • The development time of a production in China is generally much quicker than in Europe.
  • There is an extensive supplier network in China to customize and personalize products at a speed which in Europe is unthinkable.
  • Manufacturing in China more than ever help your company serve the largest market – the Asian one.

How can CN Production help you with this matter?

Establishing a reliable and quality orientated production base in China is one of the most challenging and demanding tasks in todays economic environment. The time and costs involved can appear to be daunting. Our company owners have been manufacturing in China since 1998 and opened a manufacturing plant first in 2004 and again in 2011. The experience and insight we have into the complicated tasks of doing business in China are an invaluable asset to any company that wants to manufacture products in China and does not have the experience to do so.

We can assist European companies…

  • …in sourcing products through reliable partners which have been scrutinized through our branch office in Mainland china.
  • …in doing quality control through our branch offices which have experience in performing these function for multi national companies.
  • …in setting up production lines, including negotiating with suppliers, manufacturing facilities, and all aspects of the production process.
  • …try to sell their products though the leveraging of our branch offices to connect with potential buyers and distributors.
  • …with legal issue in the PRC through our connection of international lawyers based in China.
Our company can offer your business tailor made solutions to be able to have a foot hold in the Chinese market with a pragmatic approach tailored to small medium sizes European corporations.