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Our team has been working and travelling to China since 1998. We have extensive business experience in cross border transactions, working with Chinese suppliers and setting up production lines. Our team has set up also WOFE in the south of China and has negotiated the complex beaurocratic regulations in the PRC.

The team today besides running a consultancy business has a successful business manufacturing in China high quality scale collectibles and has a full time infrastructure in the south of China. Our products are world reknown for their high level of craftmanship and precision the world round to the collector business.

Our Team

Peter Ross CEO
Peter Ross
French flag Head of french office | CEO, General Management

Peter was born in the Bahamas and is a American citizen. He has lived in England, France, Italy and has been travelling for business to China since 1998. He studied international business at the European Business School in Parma, Italy and London, England. He has been involved in manufacturing in China for over 20 years and has travelled there at least 150 times. He is fluent in three languages and has working knowledge of another three.

He was involved in the starting up of a manufacturing facility in China and has extensive knowledge about working with Chinese business people and understanding Chinese culture.

He is an owner of a successful business based in Dongguan China manufacturing very high end scale collectibles. This year during the COVID crisis an increasing number of friends and acquantainces asked him to become more involved in the sourcing of products from the PRC, doing quality control work for their productions and find production lines for their products.

He decided to use his 20 years of experience to serve small and medium sized companies based in Europe to help them navigate the complexities of doing business in China. He considers this a new challenge and looks forward to advising people and companies in how to be successful in their dealing with the PRC.

Andreas Müller CEO CN Production
Andreas Müller
German flag Head of german Office | CEO, IT Solutions

Andreas was born in Germany and is responsible for every technical matters concerning CN Production and demands by our customers. He is also involved in the business between Europe and China and travelled several times to China. He is experienced with production processes in China, Research & Development and the chinese mentality. He is fluent in german and english language.

As an experienced software engineer he has developed a software system that manages all communication between people in Europe and chinese suppliers/workers. This software also provides auto-translation, ToDo Lists, production management/stages and many more tasks that are important to guarantee a transparent, fluid and effective collaboration between european companies and chinese factories.

Luca Canepa
Luca Canepa
Italian flag Head of italian office | Consulting

Born in Milan, a Politecnico di Milano graduate in Chemical Engineering, Luca is an executive, business leader and adviser with extensive International experience. Luca has successfully supported businesses across multiple areas and roles as C-Level Executive, Board Member, M&A and Turnaround management, developing new businesses, implementing changes and managing company restructuring.

A direct leader, Luca engages himself and his teams in growing business and in executing changes and delivery, while motivating individuals with empathy and with a factual and hands-on approach. The combination of analytical ability (on numbers and processes) and of strategic business vision enables Luca to rapidly understand needs and to define and achieve the set targets, acting on the principle of “plan the work and work the plan”, with stamina and enthusiasm.
In his role as Business Angel, with investment in Start-up, Luca has covered operational roles, defining business strategy and gaining interest of other investors for new rounds and exit.
Mentorship to companies and entrepreneurs, direct and through partners, amongst which are F&P Merchant S.p.a., FaroClub, PoliHub, ImpactHub, Founder Institute, B-Heroes.
Trilingual, together with his skills and experience working within varied and different cultures, Luca carries hard to match motivation to support entrepreneurs and organizations on business and shareholder value creation.

Roberto Luzi Crivellini
Italian flag Italian office | Head of legal affairs

Roberto Luzi Crivellini is an Italian lawyer specialized in international trade law, joint ventures and distribution agreements, as well as in litigation and international arbitration. He has gained significant experience in the Chinese market, advising foreign companies in their direct investments or contracts negotiation, IP protection and litigation.

He graduated in law at the University of Bologna, and he holds a post-graduate degree at the University Institute of European Studies. Roberto is admitted to the Verona Bar Association since 1999 and is Partner of Macchi di Cellere Gangemi Law Firm since 2015.

He is the co-founder of Legalmondo, a platform of independent international lawyers active in 49 countries. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Beijing International technology Transfer Network (ITTN); Roberto has also held the post of national representative for Italy of the International Young Lawyers (AIJA – International Association of Young Lawyers) where he was also president of Distribution commission.

Roberto is author of several articles and publications mainly concerning international distribution and international private law. He is also co-author of the book “Doing Business abroad” and “Doing Business in China”, and a regular speaker on the subject of international contracts and China investments.

Roberto is native Italian speaker, speaks fluently English and Spanish and Mandarin at a beginner level.

Anthony Sehnaoui
Anthony Sehnaoui
Great-Britain flag Head of british office | Product Development

Born and raised in Lebanon, Anthony was educated in France and the US and speaks several languages. He has launched successful new brands in several product categories, across North and South America as well as Europe.

His considerable experience in consumer goods, beauty and personal care spans all functions from sourcing and production, to sales and distribution. Intimately familiar with the challenges of identifying and vetting the best suppliers, he understands the critical importance of quality control, regulatory requirements and risk management, which are key determinants of success.

Anthony’s expertise in product development has led him to spend a significant amount of time in Asia over the past decade – primarily in mainland China, but also in Vietnam, South Korea and Taiwan. Over this period, he developed a cultural affinity and strong relationships with numerous best-in-class suppliers.

Alexandre Clain
Alexandre Clain
French flag French office | Engineer

With ten years of experience spent in China as an R&D manager and quality manager in the technical world of production. Alexandre is ready to share his knowledge and his advice in order to facilitate your various needs and guide you in your research into products manufactured in China. You have needs, we have the solutions.

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