Our Services

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  • We can find a reputable supplier in the PRC crossed checked with our english speaking office in Dongguan, China.
  • We can perform quality control on production using our staff in our chinese office.
  • We can assist with organizing visits of factories tailored to your business requirements in the PRC. That will save a lot of time because we already will find suitable factories for your needs.
  • We can assist in all stages of the production process for your company in the PRC.
  • We can assist in logistics for importing into the European Community with our reputable logistics partners.
  • We can find Joint Venture partners to assist in distribution of your products in the chinese market.

Find the right supplier…

Our offices can contact an array of suppliers in a specific geographical region or nationwide and find the most suitable solution to your company’s needs.

We have the opportunity to visit suppliers and do on site inspection and quality control of the products.

Visit suitable facilities…

With offices located in three strategic regions of the Peoples Republic of China our team of English speaking professionals will do a feasible study of your company requirements before visiting potential manufacturing sites.

These visits can be done by our staff in China along with or without your European staff.

Manage your production…

Our team of professionals – besides assisting your company through the stages of finding a suitable partner for your production needs – can then assist in doing quality control of the finished products as well as screening suppliers for the production process.

This can be done with our without your staff having to travel to the Peoples Republic of China.

Import your products…

We have been importing products from the Peoples Republic of China into the European Community for over 25 years and have multiple logistic partners that can assist with importing, clearing and VAT deferral via fiscal representation.

Our logistical partners will be happy to work with your business and meet their needs.