CN Production Workshops

With our Kick-Off workshop we will give you all basic information about how a production in China can be established. We will point out the opportunities and we will also point out the difficulties and risks in the first hour of our workshop.

After the basic part of the workshop we can discuss all matters of your business and project. You can ask questions to our experts and we will discuss possible approaches. That will be the second hour of our Kick-Off workshop.

Please note that you can book our Kick-Off Workshop down below. If you are interested in getting more information afterwards by booking another workshop that is focussed on your needs and project, we can discuss that later on.

Sign up for our Kick-Off Workshop

Thank you for your interest in participating in our workshops to help your business prosper in China. Please fill in the form down below with complete data. We will then send you an approval email along with the invoice attached for payment.